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With over 20 years experience in the music industry, Jaytech draws on a wealth of knowledge from working with the biggest players in dance music as well as building his own musical institutions through his label Positronic, his ongoing work as an audio production engineer and the time-honored Jaytech Music Podcast.



Releasing music since the early 2000s and playing clubs and festivals world-over, Jaytech has also been helping up-and-coming artists get the most out of their music with advice on production and artistic growth for over a decade.

The artistic journey is a personal one and each creator needs to find their own blueprint to realize their visions. In the busy modern music market we can often feel like we have to figure everything out on our own, and some outside help can be invaluable in getting where you need to go.

Jaytech offers 60-minute artist mentorship sessions via Zoom, where artists are encouraged to show their work in a judgment-free space. A typical session usually involves a mix of general music and career advice, technical feedback and techniques, and ideas and inspiration for best practices moving forward.

"James (Jaytech) was fantastic. He had really useful and direct advice about what I needed to try and work on to move forward seamlessly and immediately understood where I was at in my music career and what information would help best for me to grow with his mentorship. I will absolutely be continuing with his guidance and recommend others do the same, as he truly is a wealth of knowledge." --Chris L via SoundBetter

"Jimbo always delivers sage and practical advice backed by his own personal knowledge and success. He's a supportive, effective, and all around great guy who's just awesome to work with in any capacity." --Derek B via SoundBetter

"Jaytech has been providing extremely helpful feedback to improve my mixes and helped lift them to a level that is suitable for professional mastering. His advice is always impactful and I would recommend it to any aspiring producer who wants to lift their mixes to the next level." --Marcel V via SoundBetter



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